The wines that are now on the market are the result of a project that has been maturing since 2016, together with Quinta da Pacheca winemaking team, led by Maria Serpa Pimentel.


The Portuguese ace followed all the steps of the production process of these wines, namely the choice of the grape varieties that gave rise to the blend, as well as in the vintage and traditional step to which the red grapes were submitted or in the process of aging the wines in barrels. Periodically the Portuguese international kept abreast of the processes,

"which also helped to increase my wine literacy to embark with the utmost confidence in this adventure, which is to create a brand of its own wines", says the ex-footballer.
Composed of the Viosinho and Moscatel Galego varieties, ‘Dezoito by Maniche Branco 2019’ has a delicate aroma, with well-integrated wood notes. In the mouth it is very balanced, with a very present acidity which gives it minerality. Medium in body with long and persistent finish, this wine will pair perfectly with grilled or roasted fish, as well as cheese.
Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz are the varieties that make up ‘Dezoito by Maniche Tinto 2018’. According to the winemaker's tasting notes, this wine is quite fruity, although well balanced with the chocolate notes that are given by the barrel. Balanced, this red has a long and very persistent aftertaste. It pairs perfectly with grilled or roasted meats.

The story behind the name of this wine is quite simple, Nuno Maniche, played in the top echelons of world football, Portugal, Russia, England, Spain, Italy and Germany and joined the European runners-up in 2004 and fourth place in the 2006 World Cup Among the immense successes that have been added, he won the most emblematic trophy in the history of football, the Champions League.

He was several times considered «Man of the Match», having scored a goal that would go down in history, as being, from another world, against the Netherlands team. Throughout this successful journey, there is a common denominator - the mythical sweater 18.

Having cultivated, in recent years, a fascination with viticulture, and the Douro in particular, he found at Quinta da Pacheca the ideal partner to produce his perfect blend, and the number became a name - thus the Dezoito (Eighteen) is born.

As brand evolves, the RESERVE White and Red references are now on the market.

Composed of the Viosinho, Gouveia, Arinto and Moscatel Galego Branco varieties, the 'Dezoito by Maniche Branco Reserve 2021' has a delicate aroma, with notes of fresh white fruit, pear, plum and lychee, well integrated with the toasted wood of the barrel.

Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Nacional are the grape varieties that make up the 'Dezoito by Maniche Tinto Reserve 2020'. According to the winemaker's tasting notes, this wine has an intense aroma of black fruit, some floral, which gives it freshness and notes of well-integrated wood.

Our timeline


Acquisition of Vineyards

The acquisition of vineyards was the initial step of this project. Factors such as the region's climate and soil, the quality of the grapes, the property's production history and the available infrastructure were carefully evaluated. The costs involved in the acquisition and the investments necessary for production were rigorously considered. Having outlined the business plan with clear goals and strategies for the production, marketing and distribution of the wine.



First Production

The first production of Dezoito by Maniche wines is launched on the market in 2018, following a rigorous production process, which included the choice of the grape varieties that gave rise to the blend, as well as the traditional harvest and treading to which the red grapes were subjected and the aging process of wines in barrels.



Reserve Production

As a logical consequence of the brand's growth process, the market positioning and the production of superior quality wines, produced with selected grapes and subjected to a longer aging process in French oak barrels, were reconsidered. Reserve wines result from the use of better grapes, which generally come from older vines or vineyards with lower yields, resulting in more concentrated grapes with a more complex flavor and aroma. The production of these wines requires a significant investment of time and resources, resulting in a premium product.



Eco-innovation and Sustainability

Committed to the concept of Eco-Entrepreneurship, the Dezoito by Maniche brand started a new business model that advocates obtaining eco-products from winery waste, using innovative digital processes.




The wines of the first production were awarded with several national awards and with the silver medal of the prestigious organization Paris Wine Cup.




Winner of the Gold Medal at the 3rd Douro Wine Contest 2023.



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