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A Journey to the Taste of Modern Wines…

Not everything has to do with trajectories, spherics and improbable geometries.
The science of life says that we cannot survive without Dream, nor do we get very far without Passion.

From the combination of a dream and a passion, I embarked with the utmost confidence, impetus and determination on this adventure of creating my own wine brand. Routes are always born out of desire and that is how Dezoito by Maniche was born.

My wine brand intends to represent the balance between tradition and modernity. With deep roots in the art of viticulture, with the Douro in the background, the passion for creating wines of excellence makes each bottle unique, resulting of an improved production process, from the rigorous selection of the grapes to the aging in carefully chosen French oak barrels.

All wines are produced with the best grapes from one of the most prestigious wine regions in the world, creating unique and distinctive blends. I am proud to offer quality nectars, where each sip is intended to be a unique sensorial experience, combining the complexity of the flavor with the elegance of the texture.

18 this is my number.
Dezoito (Eighteen) is the crossing to the other shore of me, the irremediable journey to my inner passion, to the new world of oenophilia.
My wines are for all of you.


Welcome to the Dezoito by Maniche and the fascinating world of wine.

Each and every bottle of wine is the result of a delicate balance of the soil, the climate, the grape, the techniques of cultivation and the production of history, and of the knowledge of their creators.
The wines vary in color, flavor, aroma, and body. From white to red wines, each wine has its own distinct characteristics, with the common goal being a more versatile and complex, and can be enjoyed in a variety of settings, from daily meals to special occasions.
Come meet with us, we hope that it will be an experience of a wine tasting, interesting, and rewarding.


`The wine is much more than just a beverage, it's a passion that awakens the senses and revives the spirit.`


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