Dezoito by Maniche brand is committed to sustainability, aiming to create smart, sustainable and uniform growth. We intend to contribute to a circular economy, efficient in the use of resources and low carbon, identifying and creating new opportunities for growth by boosting innovation and competitiveness, ensuring the security of the supply of essential resources, to combat climate change.

Until recently, wine waste was generally destined for distillation, landfill, incineration, soil spreading, or marketing for animal feed. However, these conventional uses of wine by-products have been reconsidered in recent years, as they are no longer environmentally and economically advantageous options for wineries.

For these reasons, allied to the need to invest in new sustainable technologies, promoting the concept of circular economy, wine by-products also began to be investigated in several other sectors, including their use in polymer synthesis.
Committed to the concept of Eco-Entrepreneurship, Dezoito by Maniche brand intends to position itself in the market, with a new business model that advocates obtaining eco-products from winery waste, using innovative digital processes.


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